Sunday, October 24, 2010


I captured this sweet moment today at church.
Gracey took Beckham's hand and led him to the nursery for the first time.

Gracey gave me the play by play. It went something like this...
-We rode on the train together
-We colored pictures of happy people
-I helped Beckham sit in his big boy chair.
-I let him dip his fishies in my water.
-I helped him hold his cup so he wouldn't spill.
-I borrowed some of Beckham's marshmallows from the Lucky charms at snack time.
-We chased bubbles and sang songs.
Over the last few weeks Gracey has decided she wants to be a "big sister". I couldn't be happier that the sibling drama has subsided.

We have been home maybe 2 weeks total in the last 3 months. My sweet Beckham happened to be in my parents ward for his first nursery experience. I am grateful Gracey was such a loving sister today and showed Beckham the ropes, even in an unfamiliar nursery.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's true! These 2 hard working boys have expanded to The Central Coast!
Harris May Injury Lawyers - a premier personal injury firm - is based in San Luis Obispo with an office in Santa Maria.

Changes are coming to our family in the upcoming months. We will be moving from our beloved Oceanside to San Luis Obispo. We have found a house that we have fallen in love with and I have spent many hours mapping out my new life. I have located all things of importance.... the local Jazzercise and Gym, Costco, Trader Joes and thank goodness a Target is coming soon.

As college students, Rob and I were so busy with school and work that we didn't get to enjoy this gem of a town as much as we should have. I am excited to explore the running and bike trails of this beautiful area, shop at the organic markets and surf at one of my favorite spots, the reefs of Silver Shole's.

I couldn't be more excited for Rob and this amazing opportunity. Here's to new adventures!

Check out the new website!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Daddy-Daughter Night at Preschool

These two are having a special date at school. Gracey was so excited to introduce her new friend Zoey, to her daddy.

I'm not sure how it never crossed my mind, that this special evening could be Gracey's worst nightmare; A classroom full of strange men (daddy's) .
Gracey was much happier at the after party. (the gas station run) Although, even Sugarbabies and Icee's couldn't take her mind off how "scary and mean" all the dad's were.
I can remember Gracey being 6 months old, and bursting into tears as a male checker at Costco tried to make her laugh. Now that Gracey is a little girl, I can appreciate her awareness for strangers. I think the next Daddy-Daughter date will be with just Gracey and Rob :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Las Flores is our favorite get-a-way spot. We come every year and it always lives up to our expectations. The grounds are gorgeous and the weather is perfect. We always eat well, surf, read, do yoga and beach runs, drink diet coke by the pool and my personal favorite... get out of bed when ever I please!!!

Our guys bringing in the surf boat.

Serenaded by a mariachi band our first evening. This guy was sweeet!

Coco Loco night. The guys decided to stick with their Diet Coke :)

Sarge, Phil and Derek. The 3 Amigo's.
Unfortunately the lovely ladies that belong to these studs were unable to make the trip this year. Girls...don't you know we plan babies around vacations??? We missed you!

Delicious Seafood.

It is always a treat to have some quiet time together.

We love these two. We have been taking trips together for the last 7 years.

Surf check from our room. Loved surfing in warm water and wished I could rip like the little local boys.

Here's to another fun vacation!

Friday, October 08, 2010

In addition to attending my brother's wedding reception, Rob and Ryan searched every square mile of the Central Coast in search of the perfect location for their new Law Firm. One of the stops we made was at "The Rock" in Morro Bay. (A popular surf location)

Abby loves to carry Beckham around.

Our solution to unruly children.

We stayed at The Cliffs, in a quaint beach town called Shell Beach. It is lined with rugged cliffs, sea lions and views of uninhabited coast line.

This was the view from our hotel room. While Rob and Ryan were in appointments and looking at real estate, Leanne and I enjoyed watching the kids eat mountains of whip cream on their waffles, swim and play make believe in the pool and do creative projects at the hotel's kids club. This turned into a busy weekend for both of our families and the start of many central coast trips in the coming months.