Monday, December 29, 2008


We spent Christmas week with the May family in Utah and we definitely had a white Christmas! It snowed almost the entire time we were there. It was quite spectacular. The May's haven't had a Christmas together since 2001, so it was quite a treat for everyone to be in the same place. Gracey loved all of the attention and got plenty of hugs and kisses to last until the next visit.

Christmas Eve we drove to Salt Lake to enjoy the lights at Temple Square.

Christmas Eve dinner. The May's have this fabulous tradition where everyone chooses a favorite to share with the family. This was our menu. (It makes for awesome left overs which is my personal favorite)
Jeri-relish tray
Rob- pulled pork sandwiches
Felicity-deviled eggs
Barrett-BBQ shrimp with peanut sauce
Jeanine- Bruschetta
Garrett-Seared Ahi
Whitney-Twice baked potatoes
Erinn-Spinach Salad
Cameron-BBQ Ribs

Christmas Eve

Opening Christmas Eve jammies with Aunt Erinn. This is a Freeman tradition.

We had a mini Baby Shower for Jeanine! We are excited for Jeanine and Barrett. After all, we know how much fun girls are!

Rob was dying to take Gracey sledding. This was a new experience for us
"beach goers"

Who says you can't sled when you are 6 months pregnant?

Even Mama and Papa May went down the hill!

Gracey's little tongue couldn't seem to stay in her mouth.

Gracey loved the snow. She would go around the room and say "touch" "snow" until she would find the sucker that would leave the comfort of the warm living room and venture into frozen territory with her. Many times she would return to the living room with a handful.

Christmas morning. Gracey with her cupcake cooking set.

Erinn and Whitney striking a pose.

Jeanine and Barrett....and baby Berlin.

Gracey....time for a nap????
As if you haven't seen enough pictures, we had family pics done in the snow.
For more of the May Family go to

We had a wonderful trip and many good laughs. I have to admit though, I was pretty happy to wake up to my 70 degree weather this morning and put on some flip flops.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

If this week didn't send me into pre-term labor, I don't know what would. I was in charge of our ward Christmas Party last night and HOLY CRAP (sorry, Ann Harris. I know this word is in your swearing category...please don't judge me.)it was so much work. Lucky for Gracey, she spent 2 fun days with Grammy and 2 days with daddy. Rob took her shopping and she showed up at the party in her first Juicy dress. Oh, so adorable.
Instead of boring you with my crazy last few weeks, here are some pics from a fun night with the Harris kids while Leanne and Ryan were away. Gracey's first experience making and eating sugar cookies.

Also this week, Rob surprised me with tickets to a Laker game. We were in the 15th row and hanging with the celebs. I don't know if I can ever go back to the nose bleed section again.We left home so fast I didn't have my camera. I was devastated when I discovered I had forgotten it.
As a Laker fan, it definitely made my top 10 favorite things I have ever done!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mama and Papa May's gift came extra early this year!
I stared at the beautiful package for about 3 weeks and then....
I gave in. What a sucker I am.

It has Gracey's initials on it and is all ready for our
Christmas Vacation to UTAH! This will be our first Christmas away from home.
What a fun gift! If your child needs a monogrammed travel bag(who doesn't) you can find it at Potterybarn for kids.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family. Grammy loved every minute of it!

We couldn't miss a trip to our favorite beach, Avila.