Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Diego is burning

Well, I think it is safe to say that it has been a crazy week. We were in Santa Maria this last weekend for Harmony's baby shower so we were unaware of the fires. I took Gracey for a walk on Sunday evening and noticed that it smelled smoky. It wasn't until I drove down to the beach on Monday morning for a run, did I see our southern ca. coastline turning black! I think at this time we feel very appreciative to the firefighters who worked so hard to preserve our beautiful land and homes, as best they could. Our thoughts go out to the hundreds of people who have lost their homes and worst of all their life time of memories inside.

The Harris girls playing with Gracey

Rob was introducing Gracey and Sadie, my mom's dog. She yelled the whole time she was so excited. What you can't see is the fistful of hair Gacey has in her hands.

My pregnant sisters, both due in December. To his mom's dismay, Kaden has learned how to pick his nose.

Rob's brother Cameron lives in Santa Maria. We enjoyed sushi with him on Sat night.

Rob adores his little girl.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Mexican sun is soooo HOT

We had a weekend getaway in Mexico with our friends from the law firm. We stayed in a 3 bedroom house with an ocean view. It was such a relaxing weekend. We took Gracey swimming in the pool and got some surfing in. On Sat. night the boys all left to bring us back food. We were not quite sure what to expect when they returned. They smelled like a camp fire when they returned, most of the meat was unidentifiable and they saw no signs of refrigeration. Yikes!

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's good to be home!

Rob and I are so happy to have Gracey home and healthy. On Oct. 1st we spent my birthday at Childrens Hospital. Gracey was born with an extra ureter on the left side of her kidney. The surgeon had to do some reorganizing so she wouldn't have any problems when she gets older. She had her post-op appointment yesterday and she is healing just fine. In the process of healing from surgery she learned how to sit up on her own. Wonder Woman... I love it.

Gracey is the happiest of all to be home:)

My mom makes me eat my veggies!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We are home from the hospital!

Look at me!

"I can do push ups just like my mommy!"

There's the sweet mullet

Gracey's first crawl!

Gracey meets Great Grandma and Grandpa

The Long Drive to Fresno

Great Grandma we have double chins in common!

My Grandma is 84 years old and still works as a hair dresser 5 days a week. She loves her ladies. Most of them get their hair done once a week and they don't touch it until their following appointment. She has done many of her clients hair at their funeral. Grandma was so excited to get her hands on little Gracey's mullet.

I think the mohawk suits you well miss Gracey!

Our Cousin Candace's Reception. The kids partied like rock stars!

My two pregnant sisters. My delivery is still all to vivid...I am not jelous yet.

We stopped at Baja Fresh on the way home.... Kaden enjoyed some black beans:)

Grammy playing peek-a-boo with Gracey