Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We are heading to Scripps Encinitas Wed. morning at 8am. We will keep you updated!

Monday, April 27, 2009


90 degree weather... calls for water!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend.

This is what much of our weekend consisted of... Snuggles with Gracey and naps.
Poor little girl came down with the stomach flu and missed all of the festivities.

We did do a little egg hunt later that morning after her temperature lowered but, she was definitely not her spunky self.

Easter Basket.

We did get a visit from Grammy bearing all kinds of fun goodies. Gracey will even be sporting a new swimsuit and reefs for her swim lesson tomorrow. She sure is a lucky girl.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A week of Easter

Treats for our Family Easter Party. Gracey's job was to sprinkle the bunny ears:)

Our week started out with a package from Grammy and Papa in Utah. Gracey had fun making her princess crown. She collected treats everywhere we went. Her swim teacher had goodies all week for her and every morning in Jazzercise they were doing fun activities, treat bags and of course eggs.

Practicing the Easter Hunt.

Decorating Eggs. This year we stuck to just using stickers.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Over the past few weeks the May house has been teeming with visitors. Sadly, everyone had to return home and our guest room is terribly vacant. That said, we are so grateful for all those that have visited. We had Grammy from Utah (Rob's Mom) here for 2 weeks and we kept her mighty busy. We filled our days together with beach excursions, swimming lessons, and lots of priceless time watching Gracey. Auntie Erinn spent a weekend with us, along with Papa May and Uncle Barrett.We were able to have aunt Nene (Jeanine) and baby Berlin stay a whole week. Gracey loved the extra attention, and she was able to provide constant entertainment. It was definitely nice not to hear "mommy, mommy" all day long. Gracey is quite demanding, but sooo cute -- just like her Dad was :)

Erinn will be an amazing mom some day. Gracey adores her and her magic touch. How cute is Berlin. All I have to say is... best baby EVER.
On Thursday, Grammy, Jeanine, Berlin, Gracey and I drove to LA to spend the day with auntie Erinn. Erinn just finished redecorating her home and it is absolutely adorable and so creative. We had a yummy lunch together and Gracey even charmed a free red velvet cupcake from the owner of the restaurant.

Trying on Aunt Nene's heels. She walks unbelievably well in them. She has done a lot of practicing at home.

Gracey liked snuggling with Berlin and Gracey especially liked it when she could make Berlin smile.

One of our many beach days

Other Highlights:
Holding Berlin. It's been a year since a baby in our family has been born.(that's a long time for us)
Fish Taco Night (30 minutes flat with 3 ladies in the kitchen. Wish it was like that every night)
Sea World of course (Gracey is still carrying around Shamu and rides a chalk picture of him in the driveway????)
Going to Jazzercise by myself
Sleeping in while Grammy got Gracey breakfast

On Friday we drove up to San Clemente to meet up with Amy, my good friend from Hygiene School. We took lunch down to the beach and had so much fun catching up. It was Gracey and Amy's first time meeting. I would say they hit it off pretty well considering Gracey cried for her on the way home and asked to go to "amy's house". Amy brought Gracey a cute summer outfit and Beckham his first swim suit. Thanks for a fun day Amy. See you soon!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Beckham's Baby Shower

Ally, Leanne and Meiken put together a beautiful breakfast with homemade muffins, quiche and fresh fruit. Leanne made cinnamon rolls that I am still dreaming about and Meiken made homemade sorbet with fresh fruit that was amazing. I really appreciate all of their hard work. Love you guys!

I loved not registering. I felt like my friends and family made and picked out very thoughtful gifts that fit "us". Erinn made this beautiful book with great family pictures. It will be a treasure in our home.

Whitney holding Jeanine's Berlin.

My mom made the trip south yet again for my shower. I think she was only home 2 days last month. Thanks mom:) Lil Maddy came in her party dress.

Meiken and Ally ..."Partners in Crime" Thanks girls for planning such a beautiful shower.

Harm and my long time BFF from hi school Candace.

Leanne made us a book shelf for the nursery.... you cease to amaze me. I love it!

I left the party feeling an overwhelming appreciation for all of the good, loving people that I have in my life, that support me and our little family. Thanks to you all for the thoughtful gifts and a fun girls morning. Even Gracey made out like a bandit. She got some big sister outfits, "road crayons" (sidewalk chalk) and a bubble machine that keeps her running like a wild woman:)