Sunday, July 25, 2010

As our Grammy from Utah went from The Smith's home to ours, we met up at Fashion Island for some yummy lunch and Gracey entertainment.

I will forever be grateful to Rob's mom for being at our home that week. She loved on our babies, so that we could be there for our best friends. I can't thank you enough Mama May.

Making a Wish

Singing and Dancing. There was no stopping her!

Love that sweet face!
Dining Room Makeover

Before we even bought this house I had a vision for this dining room. In my mind, this was a waste of a room. We might eat in here maybe 4 times a year. So, while Rob was in Indo and we were all in Utah, this back wall was torn open and the carpet ripped out. This is the best pre construction picture I have.
#1- because we never used this room!!!
#2- forgot to snap a pic before we left town.

Doors and Slate in

The doors turned out amazing! They fold up and open this entire wall. Love my new sun room! Now for some furniture!

From my Garden

Friday, July 23, 2010


Along with every teen in North County we anxiously awaited the premiere of Eclipse. I look forward to any night I can get out with some of my favorite people.

We made ice cream runs, played trivia, drank an insane amount of diet coke and even made some new friends!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blessing Eliot

After Granny's 100th Birthday party, we made our way south to LA for the blessing of baby Eliot Smith. Erinn and Andrew are sweet parents and have such an angel baby. I loved getting some snuggle time with this little guy.

Beautiful Mama

My kids love their Uncle Garrett!

...on the run...

The girls. Sydnee,Gracey, Aunt Whitney

Ha ha. This is our baby cage. Beckham was destroying our hotel room and this was my solution.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Rob's great grandma turned "100" last month. We drove up to Santa Barbara to celebrate!

Papa and baby Eliot

Gracey loved playing with her little cousin Lexy.

Admiring Eliot.

Grammy can't say "no"!!!

Best buddies!