Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beach day with Skye and Harmony

The weather has been amazing the last few weeks so today the kids and I decided that we need to go out and enjoy it. We met up with Harmony and Skye for a great day of sun, sand and a picnic lunch!

Becks first experience with sand

Beckham is now 8 months old. He is our sweet little boy and his little face lights up with those dimples every time he smiles. He is very active and his constant mission is to keep up with Gracey. He doesn't have any teeth yet but is starting to enjoy all of mommy's favorites---plain Greek yogurt, tofu and eggs and apparently ate a Snickerdoodle with Rob on Sunday when I was at church meetings. (My mom was horrified)

After an hour or so, Beckham was digging the sand. This was the first of what is sure to be many beach days.

SKYE, our newest 2 year old!

We are heading back tomorrow for some more fun!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

May Family Update:
We had a wonderful December filled with Christmas parties, lots of fun family time and tons of yummy treats... followed by never ending runny noses and me in bed with pneumonia. Bring on 2010!

Heading to The Firm Christmas Party

We have had some amazing sunsets from our balcony, this was one of my favorite nights. Our bedroom was filled with pink light. Gracey commented "it's magical mommy"

My Christmas gift for Gracey: paint, sparkles and sequins

Playing together.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas on the Central Coast with my family. Rob and J got to go for a freezing early morning surf.

My mom put together a darling program for the kids. Gracey was Mary, Kaden was Joseph, Maddy and Skye were the Inn keepers. We finished the evening with Christmas carols accompanied by the kids with tambourines and horns.

Beckhams monogrammed bath towel from Grammy

Santa brought Gracey a doll house.

Studly May Men.

Bringing in the New Year at the Harris home