Sunday, March 28, 2010

{Purple Flowers, Red Lips and Jewel Shoes}

Friday, March 26, 2010

A highlight from March was seeing this little lady. Berlin is absolutely darling and we sure wish the Johnson Family didn't live so far away!

Little buddies

The May Grand kids. Baby E will join them soon!

We love Linny

Erinn trying out her "pee pee tee pee".
While the May's were here we got to shower Erinn with gifts for Eliot. She is stunning pregnant! We can't wait to meet Baby E!

Erinn's Nautical Baby Shower. Whitney put together adorable anchor cookie cutters for favors and we had a burrito bar and fresh fruit salad for lunch.

Our fabulously talented friend Rhonda made the delicious cake.

Gracey and lovely Erinn

Grammy enjoying Beckham's cuteness

Steve surprised us with a box of Sprinkles. The coconut lemon was my personal favorite. But lets be honest... I tried and loved them all.

News Worthy...

With a break from the rain came... our backyard. Yaaaa for grass!
We had a stamped concrete patio put in and lots of beautiful green sod. The kids have been in heaven; Riding bikes, playing with the hose and having picnics.

Linny testing out the patio.

-Gracey got glasses last week to help correct one of her eyes. Trying to get a 3 year old to keep glasses on has been nothing short of a nightmare. Within the first weekend, we had a broken pair, a lost pair, and then another broken. We have another 2 pair on order. Wish us luck!

-Gracey also got a big girl bed. We held out as long as possible. I am all about the crib, aka "the kid cage". This has also been a challenge. Lets just say there have been many bribes and threats this last month.
Suggestions on keeping a child in bed are welcomed!!!

- We had some glorious beach days this month. Beckham is having so much fun exploring in the sand and playing with sand toys. It has been quite a joy to sit back and watch my little loves play together. It usually goes something like this: Gracey tries to teach Beckham how to build a sandcastle, meanwhile Beckham can only focus on destroying her creations. That's playing right?

Looking forward to April:

Listening to our sweet prophet speak next Sunday and celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. (and watching my cute kids find Easter eggs in the backyard!)

A new Baby!!! Eliot is due April 28th

Beckhams FIRST Birthday April 29th
According to Gracey he is having a surfboard Birthday Party.

Vacation with friends to Chicago.
We are going to: Sleep in (top of my list), go to a Cubs game, do some serious shopping down the Miracle Mile, Eat some amazing food (Rob has taken on our eating Agenda:) ) Spa time and sight seeing. Can't wait!

Preschool Registration.
Holy cow, my little girl is growing up

And hopefully more beach days!

Monday, March 08, 2010

My sister Harmony gave birth to a healthy girl early this morning! We are so excited to meet Sydney. Congrats to The Cottrell Family!