Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 Gracey has always been my little buddy. She follows me around the house, talks non stop and wants to do everything I am doing.
  Beckham, is very active, adventurous and has always been quite independent.  This last year he has become a momma's boy.  I have loved every second of it.  So grateful that he slows down to run and hug me,say "I wuv you" or smother me with kisses.

Kissing my 6 mo belly.  He loved to kiss baby "Tay-wor"

Sweet boy

We made a trip to Oceanside to see this little guy.  I can still hardly believe that my baby brother, has a baby!!  Erin and Justin are such sweet and attentive parents.  It's been really fun to watch my brother be a daddy. 

We love our cousins!!

We also got to celebrate some birthday's!!  Beckham and Uncle J share the same Birthday, April 29th and Gracey's May 3rd. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This is typically where you can find us on a Sunday evening.  Johnson Ranch Trail is one of my many favorite trails in SLO. 

Gracey and Beckham can run free for miles on this kid friendly trail. It's 2 1/2 miles round trip and they love every minute.

Gracey always hikes in her fanciest attire and would never trade her sparkle flats for some real shoes.  Some of my favorite "mommy moments" have been on this trail.  Without the distractions of the world, we explore the outdoors, find interesting bugs, talk about how much we love each other and they share what is going on in their little minds.  Beckham pretends that every bird is a bald eagle and we watch it closely, hoping to see it dive for it's prey.  They have become experts at identifying poison oak and know where all the best climbing rocks are.

My adventurous little boy

And sometimes you just don't want to wear clothes anymore.  For Beckham this is always!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

These sweet faces were jumping on my bed at 5am Easter morning.  They could hardly wait to celebrate everything Easter. 

Blue and Pink Egg pancakes

.....with lots of egg sprinkles

 Gracey's favorite candy-Pink gum, anything cinnimon or sour. Beckham's favorite candy- Suckers of any kind  

Beckham can NEVER be left alone.  These types of disasters happen on a daily basis in my world.

Our first glimpse of Taylor Nicole at 14 weeks
I love being pregnant. The first flutters of movement are magical and the anticipation of another sweet spirit in your home is so exciting. I am grateful everyday, that I have the opportunity to be a mom.  
We had been anxiously waiting for #3 to join our family.  I found out Thanksgiving morning that I was pregnant. We decided that it would be our little secret.  However, I think Rob only lasted 5 days before he shared our exciting news.  Gracey was ecstatic and wished for a little sister to play princesses with.  I will always be thankful that Gracey's wish came true.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Disney Land with the Smith's

We joined in on Eliot's very first Disney Land experience.  It was a perfect day of short lines and big smiles. 

                                         Cotton Candy= Beckham's favorite part of the day! 
               Beckham's favorite ride is the carrousel.  Glad we go all the way to Disney Land to ride it:)
              Gracey's favorite ride is Ariel's Undersea Adventure. (I might have to agree with her)

                                        We were just grateful he decided to keep his pants on!
Watching the parade with Auntie Erinn.  He loved seeing Luis from Princess and the Frog playing his trumpet and Gracey's eyes lit up when Rapunzel and her gorgeous locks of hair went by.

Koda-a boy's best friend

 Rob and I brought Koda home when he was 8 weeks old. This year he turned 8.  We love this sweet dog.  Beckham rides him, pulls his tail and drags him around with a leash and Koda just takes it.  We got him fancy dog shampoo and the kids love to give him baths.  It's the one time that I let him hang out in the house for awhile and Gracey and Beckham think it is such a treat!

Georgia's Blessing

 In February, Garrett and Whitney blessed their first daughter Georgia.  This is the typical grandparent picture.  There is always someone ticked that they have to sit still for 5 sec. It is not surprising that it was Beckham. 

Santa Barbara Zoo

 Meet Duncan!  He is our Hollywood manufactured T-Rex and Gracey and Beckham are obsessed.  We love his show "How to train a Dino" at the Santa Barbara Zoo. The kids love him so much, that we watch all 3 shows the day we visit. We bought passes this year and probably go every month.  The zoo grounds are gorgeous, uncrowded and it makes for a perfect day with these cute kids. 

Palm Springs

 Our fantastic friend Lindsey planned a girls weekend in Palm Springs. It was a weekend full of laughs, late night dance clubs, karaoke and diet cokes by the pool.  Loved the escape!

Contemplating our Karaoke song. Not quite sure how we ended up with Vanilla Ice.       However,  we did discover Lindsey has some mind-blowing rapping skills. ;)