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Monday, August 18, 2008


YAAAA! My dad finally made it home from Nigeria. He left his house on Tues. and finally made it home on Sat. evening after many canceled flights and faulty airplanes. He came home looking like a Santa Claus that was addicted to tanning beds.

Skye Cottrell -7 months

Gracey playing with Grandpa at Skye's house.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our amazing weather continues and we are unable to pass up another day at the beach.

Grammy got the kids some new beach toys


We don't get love very often from our active little girl but, today was quite the exception. Gracey's molars are making their way through, and she couldn't get enough of mommy today.

This was definitely the most relaxing beach day even included a nap. WHAT?

Monday, August 11, 2008

15 Months

20 lbs (10% weight)
31 1/2 (80% height)

My favorite words:

I love to eat:
EVERYTHING,especially fruit and veggie patties.

I still take 2 naps and wake up between 9-10am

I love to:
Play with water...the sink, bath, pool, spinklers, beach
Go on runs with mom and bark at the dogs when we pass them

The only time I sit still is when I read books. I like reading books better than playing with toys.

I get the most excited when:
Mom pulls out the vitamins in the morning
I see my favorite blanket that Aunt Erinn got me

I am a big girl now because:
I can feed myself with a fork
I don't beg to nurse anymore
I like to pick out my clothes
I just got my first molar
I go with dad to nursery

I don't like:
to cuddle, kiss or anything affectionate for that matter (to my parents dismay)
getting my diaper changed
getting out of the bath you can see, I Am A Big Girl Now!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Too much Fun for One Week!

We spent the day with Tiff, Kaden and Maddy yesterday and of course our day included water!


Today we took the kids on the train up to San Juan to the Petting Zoo. The ride was beautiful. Gracey didn't keep still so I didn't have a chance to drift off into dreamland watching the surf and wishing I was out there:)

Out of the house for 15 minutes and already wanting a snack. This girl definitely has my appetite!

San Juan Mission

We bought carrots to feed the animals

Gracey made a friend

Max and Abby

The Alexander's met us at the zoo and we are so glad they came. Margeaux and Gracey play really well together although, Margeaux wishes Gracey knew how to play hide and go seek.

Gracey was not sure about these guys.

Charlie scored a horse ride!

Beatrix was taking it all in. She is too cute!


Brit getting some tired legs across the street.

After the zoo we had a picnic in the park and finished lunch off with M&M cookies!
Can't wait for the next adventure! This house wife thing is a pretty sweet deal.
I love everyday of it!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Harris kids invited us for Berry Swirl and of course we couldn't pass it up!

Charlie is dancing for us.

Charlie got a hold of some scissors and cut off all of her curls! Her new bob looks adorable and fits her spunky personality.

A movie and popcorn on Rob's birthday

Rob's Birthday Suit

Riding the Farm???

Birthday cake on a cardboard box! Yep, still no kitchen.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

On Friday Rob celebrated his birthday with all of his good friends at the office.

Ashley is the baker "extraordinaire" and made the perfect cake for Rob. Coconut cream was the top layer and carrot cake on the lower. It was amazing! I was excited to see that there was enough left for him to bring home that night. Thanks Ashley! You are amazing and such a good friend!

Ryan brought in sushi for lunch which always hits the spot!

My mom spent the last week with us after a pleading phone call she received from me on Sunday. With all of the construction on our home I needed some uninterrupted errand runs and Gracey needed some Grammy time. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mom, who will drop everything for her kids and especially her grandkids. Thanks mom! Thanks to you I will now have the best looking granite in the neighborhood. Gracey and granite yards...what a terrible combination that would have been!

We did manage to have a beach day up in Newport with some family from Fresno. The kids as always had a fun time playing together!

Sunday Bubble Time Fun!