Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas to our loved ones! I knew this year I was going to have to get creative with our family portraits. Beckham is curious and active and Gracey doesn't like smiling for the camera. Dominique did a wonderful job of capturing our family and even won over our sweet Gracey girl.

To check out more of Dominique's photography:

Sunday, December 05, 2010


Gracey could hardly wait to see "Grammy and Papa from Utah" She waited patiently for hours.
Unfortunately, we got stuck most of the day in the airport waiting for our plane. The best part was once we boarded, the pilot couldn't remember where he had just flown from because it had been " a long day". Awesome.

Beckham made some friends in the airport

All smiles. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. We love getting spoiled, eating yummy food and spending time together.

We got to see a lot of this little lady. We love her sweet voice and Gracey wanted Linny there every moment of the day.

Darling Linny

Gearing up for the frigid outside.

Despite the cold temps, we still ate some delicious gelato at Costco.

Linny loves stuffed animals.

We spent Sunday with our good friends The Kennedy's. Gracey and Amelia loved playing dress up together and sneaking caramels. We are always grateful to catch up with some of our favorite people.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Luis Obispo Law Firm sign was hung today. We are now official!

Rob has been in San Luis Obispo the last few days. We are missing him, but these two are keeping me entertained. Gracey puts on her Tiana costume daily, loves to practice writing her letters and numbers and looks forward to playing with cousins and Abby and Charlie. She will stop intermittently throughout her day to give me a kiss and say " I love you mom"
She picked out Tropical Carrot juice from Trader Joes for her preschools' Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. Yes, I love this girl. She will do anything for a treat and going to the gas station with dad is still at the top of her list of favorite things to do.
I have pretty much accepted the fact that Gracey doesn't like breakfast foods. Common breakfast requests are curry, fish, ravioli's. It's pretty crazy, but I'm done being a pancake pusher. When Gracey grows up, she wants to be a "runner" and a "painter" just like her mom and is going to marry Beckham when he is "taller" than her.

This little boy is talking. I forgot how fun this stage of exploring vocabulary can be. Beckham can count to five, will tell me he is "happy" and loves to read books about animals. He plays make believe with Gracey and likes to be outside. He thinks that when Rob goes to "work" he is going surfing. (Because he always has surfboards in his truck.) As Rob is leaving he will say "Daddy, work, urfing, urfboard" Love it. This boy doesn't sleep much and is always into something, breaking/destroying something, dangerously climbing and jumping.
Some how, come bed time, all that energy turns off. He snuggles up close, sings to me in the sweetest voice, leans in for kisses and bats his dark long lashes at me. Every night I feel myself cherishing these sweet, quiet moments and falling deeper in love with this boy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I snapped these pics the other evening with my iphone. While Leanne went to watch Ryan in trial, we got to spend an evening with Abby and Charlie. We had such a fun evening running in the waves and watching the sky light up in amazing shades of pinks. The girls loved their bubble bath followed by pizza and ice cream. Thankfully, the girls Izuzu pet has come back to life after Beckham decided it needed a bubble bath as well.

This is one of the many reasons I love living in Oceanside... a warm beach evening in November.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Princess Tiana and "Koda"




Love that tail

Halloween Party
Garrett and Whitney invited us to their annual family Halloween Party. Whitney made a fabulous dinner and my personal favorite, Pumpkin cookies.

Beckham's new book

Our sweet Aunt Whitney made the kids special Halloween bags filled with all kinds of goodies.

Brothers' focused on football


Central Coast

Beckham loves his Papa. He follows my dad everywhere and when he can't see him, he starts yelling "papa, papa". On this trip, he also gave my mom the name "meme". I think Grammy likes that Beckham has his own name for her.

I Love my running trails here. There are deer amidst the trees and we even made a few fox sightings.

Cure for a rainy day