Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Excited for their first day of gymnastics.

"the awesome possum"

Gracey and Beckham look forward to every Friday, when they get to jump, swing, climb and tumble.
... and I look forward to their darling, energetic smiles.

This is Beckham's highlight of the hour.
(Iphone pics won't go down as my best photography on this blog!!!!)

Early Easter with Grammy

My mom couldn't bare the thought of missing out on Easter while she was vacationing with my dad in south east Asia and Australia. So, she brought Easter to us in March. The kids loved her toy filled eggs and fun goodies!

Hooray for Beckham! Potty trained just in time to turn 2!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


San Luis Obispo is starting to feel more and more like home. We have had so much fun exploring all of the bike and running trails and eating our way through all the fun restaurants here. San Luis is so much more than a college town. It is filled with family owned businesses, farmers markets and caters to an active, healthy lifestyle.

One of our favorite trails with the kids, is a beautiful paved bike path called The Bob Jones Trail. It winds you through the hills of Avila Beach, a golf course and takes you almost to the sand of Avila. It is a charming little oceanfront town that I can't get enough of. The trail is 5 miles round trip. A perfect ride with the kids and one of our favorite runs for date night!

This is our other favorite date night run. Johnson Ranch Trail. This trail is unreal. The first time we ran it, I literally thought I was going to start crying, I was so excited. The lush green rolling hills are breathtaking, the old oak trees, the creeks and grazing cows. I am in love!!!! These trails take me back to junior high when I used to run jungle trails in Malaysia with my dad....but with leaches, right dad???

Another thing about SLO is, there are festivals, carnivals activities.... every weekend. There is always something going on. Generally, these are the types of places we would avoid, but we joined the Salter Family at the Apple Festival and had a great time.

Gracey painting a strawberry pot with Scarlett.

Beckham and I doing a cupcake walk

My favorite part of our new life here is our home. I love watching the kids exploring the outdoors. There are no neighbors or cars to worry about. We chase gophers and ride bikes all day. Sometimes, I feel like I am a kid again.

Beckham watching the chickens

Bike riding cuteness

Rob and Beckham after moshing the Range Rover all over our muddy property.

Beckham loving on Koda. Notice he is in his jammies. That is because it is 6:30 am and I notice him from our bedroom window outside. Apparently, they were eating peanut butter pretzels together. He loves Koda. He feeds him first thing, drags him around with him and is his best friend. Easter and Birthday parties are coming....