Thursday, April 29, 2010



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicago Getaway

I had a wonderful time in Chicago with some good friends and of course, my man. Our hotel was on the Miracle Mile of Shopping and connected to a Nordstroms. HEAVEN! The trip was relaxing and so much fun.

Handsome boys: Rob, Ryan and Derek

A walk down Navy Pier.

We took a fantastic boat tour down the Chicago river and into Lake Michigan.

The bridges were beautiful and check out the parking structure. Yikes!

And of course with all the amazing meals we got our workouts in everyday. Leanne and I took the boys out on a run down the lake. There might have been some whining on the way back!

The city was lined with blooming tulips and cherry blossom trees. It was absolutely gorgeous.

My girls: Leanne and Katie

This was our "girls day". It started with a morning run, makeup at the Mac counter and shop til we drop down the Miracle Mile. The best part was the boys kept getting phone calls from the banks and credit card companies reporting and verifying our spending.
It was such a relaxing day and I loved my bags of "lovely's" I came home with. Love the latest spring collection at J Crew!

Warning: The rest of this post is all food. You can stop now unless you are a foodie like me!
I don't pretend to be a food critic but, I have watched my share of Food Network :)

First night at L 2O.
If you don't already know, Rob and I love good food. We are attracted to recipes with fresh ingredients, healthy and creative. Rob did many hours of research and booked our dinner reservations far in advance.
L2O was featured on Anthony Bourdain's show and is one of his favorite dining experience's in Chicago. It did not disappoint.
L2O is a modern seafood restaurant in an historic building in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. This restaurant reveals a fresh perspective of elegant dining. The four course meal included chef's tastes of the day, a raw appetizer, a warm appetizer and main course followed by desert. {of course}

Tastes of Spring. 10 ways to create with vegetables. A few were frozen with Nitrogen. Amazing!


Scallops with passion fruit.

Crab and avo

To finish off the wonderful evening, we were given a tour of the Kitchen. We were able to see where they churned their own butter, prepared meals and my favorite... the Chefs spices.

I wish my pantry looked like this.
The whole experience was an amazing production.

Back down to real life... you can't go to Chicago without eating Pizza right? Pizza Uno was the spot! You order and then return in 30 minutes because it takes 45 minutes to bake this baby! I am a NY style myself {love the thin crust}. Although, this pie had everything you could ask for, including a crust that tasted like a biscuit.

The Second Night we went to The Famous Joe's. A night of Alaskan King crab, the best Halibut I have ever had and too many empty desert dishes to count.

Bone in Halibut

Biggest Crab legs I have ever seen!

MK's. An Italian and French cuisine for the 3rd night. Known for their fresh ingredients and modern flare.

Yep! That's BBQ octopus. It was so tender, it was like biting into lobster

Madagascar Prawns on a bed of minted peas.

Halibut in curry sauce.

Chicken, lentils and veggies

Are these deserts adorable or what?

....served with a malted shake!

Homemade donuts, dulce de leche homemade ice cream and hot chocolate.

This number was for the Rhubarb lover!

Special thanks to my Mom for loving my kiddos while we were away! We are so lucky she is always available when we head off to another adventure!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Childs Play
Today grammy took us to a great play place in Temecula called Childs Play. Here are highlights from the day.

Dress up clothes

"Silly caterpillar"

We had such a fun day together.

He's on the move!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Boxes


My mom has a beautiful "Martha Stewart" garden back home. I was so excited she was in town to help us plant! Gracey loved placing the seeds in the soil.


Last week Gracey and Uncle Garrett had a special date.
Chick-fil-A, treats, Tiana doll and forever memories. You are too sweet Garrett!

Play date with Charlie

While Gracey was fast asleep she had a special visitor...

We had such a wonderful Easter Sunday. It began with homemade cinnamon rolls and omelets, an egg hunt and enjoyed the beautiful warm weather. Followed by fish taco's with mango salsa (I know, very traditional) and homemade pies of every kind. I enjoyed watching conference that evening with my mom while my loves slept. It left me uplifted and inspired to be a better wife, mom and servant to our Savior.

Running for the eggs!

Collecting the loot




Grammy and all her grand babies

Aunt Whitney and Beckham. Whitney put together the sweetest Easter basket for my kids.
I Love having Garrett and Whitney in Oceanside!

Gracey and Skye enjoying our beautiful Easter the dirt.

Here is our new look for the next few years.

Sydney- 1 month

I did a mini photo shoot for my adorable niece Sydney today