Monday, October 10, 2011

 Meet our sweet cousin Lexi

 Three-year-old Lexi Krasnoff was just one week away from her second birthday when she was diagnosed with leukemia. After six months of intense chemotherapy, she was declared in remission, only to relapse again this summer.  She started her third chomo treatment this summer and their family and community scoured the central coast for the perfect bone marrow donor.  Unfortunately,  last week we found out that the chemo treatment did not put her into remission and she is not able to do her bone marrow transplant at this time.
This week Lexi started her fourth round of chemotherapy.  Our family prays for this little angel every night in hopes that some day Lexi and Gracey can run around the Santa Barbara zoo together.
Before Lexi had her fourth treatment, we celebrated her 3rd birthday "Shrek Style"  She was in love with the awesome cake that her mom made her, and frankly so was I.  Lexi is full of smiles and has the sweetest voice you have ever heard! Happy Birthday Lexi!!  We hope all your wishes come true!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

 Grammy and Papa from Utah come to visit!

 We had a wonderful week with Rob's parents.  Gracey and Beckham loved the constant attention and all of our fun outings.  We enjoyed some gorgeous, hot weather.  We played for hours outside, visited many parks, walking trails and had some fabulous outside dining.
 Grammy and Papa playing Tee-ball with Beckham
 This is one of our favorite Saturday lunch Deli's.  It is enclosed with lemon tree's growing out of wine barrels with fragrant jasmine. The gourmet sandwiches are all unique and always way too large to finish!!
 Beckham picking flowers for Uncle Cam.
 This is how Beckham spends most of his time at home. Exploring in the nude.  It's a good life!
 Mama May cooking up some roasted salsa.
Our little artist!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth 2011

 We joined our long time friends The Kennedy's for a fun filled day at Disney Land and California Adventure last month.  Amelia and Gracey were so happy to reunite at their favorite place.  I couldn't help but smile all day, as I watched these two girls walk from ride to ride holding hands and planning the next ride! 
 Gracey's favorite ride was "The Little Mermaid"  We rode it twice and she can hardly wait to ride it again. 

 Our sweet Grammy was in town and joined us for our fun day.  Thank goodness for her help.  Beckham had a 4:1 ratio,  {Adults:Beckham}  and it was much needed.  He tried to escape from every line and even left me running from a bathroom stall with my skirt half up.

Thank You Kennedy's for a fantastic day!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Huntington Lake

 This is Huntington Lake.  A place that holds many of my childhood memories.  My parents have a cabin that is tucked away above this gorgeous lake.  As kids, we would spend hours down by the water catching water spiders, boating and swimming.  I was so excited to take Gracey and Beckham to a place that I have such beautiful childhood memories of.

                                             TA DA!!!!
 Tiffany's Family spent the weekend with us up at the cabin.  The kids had so much fun together. 
 Rob and Becks at the top of our waterfall hike.
                            Gracey and Maddy
Beckham ran all the way down our hike and talked daddy into letting him rehydrate with root beer

We took a paddle board up for the weekend.  It was a perfect way to check out the cove.  Beckham kept saying "Daddy....we're surfing, we're surfing!!!"
 Who says you have to fish with a line and hook???
                                      Tiffany and the kids
                                    Loved our sister time!!!