Friday, March 28, 2008

Summer fun!

Well, Gracey is indeed spoiled by her Grandparents. She is sporting her new bathing suit from Grandma and Papa May, which they took her shopping for. And she is enjoying her new pool that Grammy had magically appear on our door step a few days ago. Aren't Grandparents wonderful? Thanks a bunch!

I have already trained Gracey to love her toothbrush. We have even started flossing her bottom teeth every night. She still has the snaggle tooth thing up top, so we will wait on those:) She loves the flavor of the floss. What a sweet girl to put up with her mom's compulsive behavior!

Harmony gives Skye her first dip(and yes she was awake at the time)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heavenly Weather!

We have had wonderful beach weather this last month. Today we met Harmony and Skye, Tiff, Kaden and Maddy at the beach. We had such a fun day but decided that next time the adults need to out number the kids. I have to admit I sat down with a bowl of ice cream tonight and kicked my feet up. If you know me at all... I rarely do either. I think I might be worn out.

Harmony brought a beach tent. The kids had a great time playing in it and it gave them a break from the sun.

Gracey has started walking. She tried her best to keep up with Kaden today.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our trip to Utah

Steve has been wanting to take me on a hike ever since they have moved to Provo. I suggested that it would be fun to climb up to the "Y" above BYU. We went one evening after he got home from work. The views were spectacular and the weather was perfect. I knew you could do it Steve!

Steve you conquered the "Y" Yeah!!!!! Yeah for you too Max!

On Saturday we walked the river trial. Gracey loved the pack Papa May found for her. Much better than a stroller!
Garrett, trying to steal kisses from Gracey. They are few and far between, even with chocolate!
Gracey loves her Aunt Whitney

Aunt Jeanine and Uncle Barrett. I believe Jeanine got one of those prize kisses!

Barrett has experience in the uncle department. He has 2 other nieces as well!

Taking Grandma to Massage School orientation. Go Grandma!

Bubble fun with Grandma!