Sunday, May 18, 2008


Last week we took a little vacation to Colorado Springs to see some good friends who recently moved from Del Mar. Courtney and I worked together at Dr. Lefebvre's office and was my lunch buddy for many years. They were so sweet to have us. Their new home is beautiful and I am so jealous of all the many running trails around their area. Gracey spent a good portion of the trip following their cat Charlie around the house. Charlie probably got some much needed rest after we left.

Checking out Garden of the Gods

Rob and Courtney baking up some pizza!
It might be a good thing this picture turned out a blurry. It went from R rated to PG13

Gracey wanted to pick these flowers so bad.

Down town after a delicious lunch. Courtney and I made our way to Mrs. Fields Cookies for a tasty treat. We can always make room...right Courtney?

Our Durango only looks like a pimp, manly ride. It was gutless...probably for good reasons!

Gracey wanted to go swimming and was quite irritated that I wouldn't let her run in. Courtney let her take a little dip.

We walked up the stairs to the very top of the Seven Falls.What an amazing view from all angles.

Finally getting down and dirty!

Life is pretty sweet for this little girl. This was her 6th flight. She loved our trip and especially having some special time with dad!

Top of Seven Falls

Thanks for having us Blair and Courtney and for showing us such a good time!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Love my girl!

As a new Mom I tend to forget that this day is now for me too! I spent so much time getting gifts put together, writing cards, wrapping, mailing etc. that I failed to remember that I too get to enjoy this day and what a sweet day it was! We got to talk to Justin in the morning which was wonderful. I miss him so much and it was so great to hear his voice and all of the adventures that he is having in Croatia. We made panini sandwiches for dinner and Rob made us an apple crisp. It used to be his "famous apple crisp" but now that he is a busy working man he doesn't have time to perfect his recipes it was not so famous but an apple crisp:)
Holidays are the best when they never have to end. Well this one did, but Rob decided to stretch it out one more day since we had so many people in and out of our house the last few weeks so Monday was my very own Mothers Day! I absolutely love being Gracey's mom! My appreciation for my own mom grows each day as I discover how much hard work and love is put into being a mom! Happy Mothers Day!

On Saturday we drove up to LA to spend the day with Erinn and Andrew and Garrett and Whitney who are visiting and currently cruising in Mexico! We had a really fun day together. That afternoon we all wanted to go to Sprinkes and this is what we found...a line that went out the door and never ended. Rob decided he would rather jump in front of a car than wait in line for a cupcake.(That he could probably make even better.) So, we decided to get cupcakes at Crumbs down the street instead. I decided that Crumbs was better than Sprinkes for the following reasons:
1. Cake was moist
2. Size was significantly larger (that can never hurt)
3. The frosting decor was a lot more creative.

So there you have it Oprah...mine was better than yours!

Cruising around Hollywood

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Gracey!

Little Miss Gracey turned one this last weekend. We had such a wonderful and eventful week. My mom returned safely home from a month trip in Nigeria and Grandma May flew in from Utah to help celebrate Gracey's first birthday! Everyone was able to accompany us for swimming lessons on Friday and Gracey was able to show them her new skills. We had her party in our neighborhood park in front of our house. I wanted to keep it low key so that we could enjoy all of our family here for the special occasion. Erinn was sweet enough to drive down from LA and spend the weekend with us. Our favorite neighbors and Gracey's babysitters, The Rose's came to the party along with our long time friends The Harris' and my best friend from
hi school Candace, made the drive from San Diego. We appreciate our family and friends so much! Thanks for making it a fun day.

"Are you sure it's Ok for me to dig in?"

She was pretty serious about eating this cake. She got right down to business.

"This is a lot better than the tofu mom always feeds me!"
Freeman Family...4 grandkids in 14 months. WHEW!

Abby and Charlie helped Gracey open her presents.Thanks girls!
As you can see there are 2 other parties over by the play equipment.Apparently I didn't wake up early enough to stake our claim. We found a nice tree right in front of our house and it worked out just fine.

Daddy took Gracey shopping for her Birthday and this is what she came home with.... a pair of Reefs (which I think everyone should own at least one pair) and a wet suit, essential for every surfing household!

Grandma May made her killer carrot cake and I got to decorate it!

The proud Grandmas! Thanks for loving our girl so much!

That evening we were all ready to get out of the house so we headed down to the beach to watch Rob go for a surf. Gracey loves her Aunt Erinn!

Watching daddy surf and enjoying a beautiful evening!

I captured the last wave of the even has Rob's signature ending!

We have all decided that my sweet little niece looks like a cabbage patch doll:)
What do you think?

The next morning Erinn taught Gracey how to use her new crayons.