Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gracey's First Dance Recital!

Gracey has loved her dance class. Her teacher Miss Olivia is adorable and she has made some cute little friends.

Gracey remembered her whole dance and their performance was darling. Gracey is shy around strangers and is not a performer, so this was definitely out of her comfort zone. I am proud of her for being so brave and more than anything, I am glad she had such a fun experience.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

IPad and Skull Candy... Life is good!
Memorial Day

Memorial Day= The perfect day
Loved having Rob home on a Monday
Fun pool day with the Harris' and Garrett.
Yummy Mexican Food

Beach Fun!

We can never get enough beach days! I am so very excited for summer!

Beckham is obsessed with pulling and pushing things. This is what kept him entertained today!

I have actually found time for some projects lately. My sweet friend Mariah had a little boy this month and I painted this for his nursery. I also did some pretty fun art work on a few of Rob's surfboards that accompanied him to Indonesia this year.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

While this boy is getting barreled in Indonesia, we decided to have some fun of our own! I packed up the kids and flew to Utah to visit Grammy and Papa May. Luckily the flight is short because my Beckham is a busy boy! Here are some of the fun things we did:
Gracey ate her very first "smores"
Chilren's Museum in Salt Lake
Came home with some lovelies from J Crew
Some great runs up Slate Canyon
A day with the Kennedy Family
The Aquarium
Sleepovers with Linny
Lots of special family time!!!

Beckham loves Max. I'm not convinced the feelings are mutual.

Lots of park fun!

While in Utah we had the opportunity to attend Amelia's Princess and the Frog Dance Recital. The costumes were adorable and the girls had so much fun together.

Cute fire fly costumes! Amelia did such a great job!!!

Monkey's jumping on the bed!

Amelia playing with her Birthday present.

Yummy Snow cones!

Pink Frosting and Sprinkles. What more could a girl want?

Uncle Barrett


Giant Lobster

Checking out the fish

Some tired legs

Linny carrying a penguin almost as big as she is!

Beckham polishing off some Pahd Thai at Pei Wei.

We had such a wonderful week in Utah, and we all loved getting spoiled!