Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to San Luis Obispo!
Jan 2011

Grammy May loved on these cute kids for a week, while I frantically tried to make our new house feel like home. They spent countless hours riding bikes, exploring our property and making friends with the chickens next door. Grammy's are the best.

Gracey and Beckham are loving the ranch life. They are obsessed with the chickens, horses, cows, rabbits and sheep that surround us. The Central Coast is absolutely breath taking; from the stunning green rolling hills to the rocky, uninhabited coastline.
We miss our family and friends in Oceanside, but have really enjoyed exploring our new home town. Can't wait to share the fun we are having! have been good to us

Cute sunset pose on our balcony, the evening before we moved.

Miss this view!!!

May Family Christmas

I think this was Gracey's favorite part of Christmas...having all of her May family together, especially Linny from Utah.

Christmas Smiles and New Rides!

Santa didn't disappoint! What princess obsessed girl wouldn't love this sparkly pink bike? Gracey had been talking about this bike since it surfaced at Costco last summer.

Beckham's new ride from Grammy and Papa

The mini Kick. I love this scooter. (Secretly wish I had one)

Linny loves her stuffed animals.

Gracey and Eliot watching a morning show together

Proud Grandparents

Christmas 2011

Firm Christmas Party

We changed it up this year and had our Firm Christmas Dinner catered at our house. We loved being able to laugh as loud as we wanted and play silly games with some of our favorite people.

The wives... and my best friends

Dance Party

Gracey has been dancing at Ariel's Studio for 2 years. We looked forward to every Wednesday and especially loved it when Skye joined the class.

Our Wednesday's usually went something like this-
Met our friends at Jazzercise to work out, watched these darling girls twirl in their tutu's and then made our way to Chick-fil-A. Thanks to our frequent Chick-fil-A visits, my sweet little boy always says "my pleasure" just like they do at the Chick counter. Love it!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

This little boy is on the run and loving it!