Tuesday, October 16, 2012

 Gracey has always been my little buddy. She follows me around the house, talks non stop and wants to do everything I am doing.
  Beckham, is very active, adventurous and has always been quite independent.  This last year he has become a momma's boy.  I have loved every second of it.  So grateful that he slows down to run and hug me,say "I wuv you" or smother me with kisses.

Kissing my 6 mo belly.  He loved to kiss baby "Tay-wor"

Sweet boy


Jeri May said...

Love your updated blog...that one of Beck's video of Becks is a treasure. I sure miss all of your little buddies.

Jeri May said...

...so you know what I mean. (The writings of a mind going in many directions :)